Thursday, 25 June 2015

Let's Go to the Beach...

Ciao! Here is my latest installation of my adventures in the beautiful Trieste. So Monday marked the first day of Accounting 1 at the University of Trieste. The university is relatively far from where we are staying, so we have to take the bus every morning. Let me just say that the bus system much more smoothly here in Italy than in the United States. It seems like everyone takes the bus in the morning, the bus we take gets especially busy. We are the first stop so we get seats every morning. Also, the buses are made by Mercedes-Benz; aka they are way nicer than American buses.

It's great because we have Italian students in our accounting class, and it really is true what they say about Italians being friendly. They are so willing to show us around, and they translate lots of things for us. One of the students took us to the Castle and Cathedral of San Giusto, which were built in the 14th century over a Roman temple. The best part is that the ruins are partially preserved, so I got to touch Roman ruins! They also have a small museum that has a bunch of artifacts as well. You could see all of Trieste from the top, it was truly gorgeous!
View of Trieste from San Giuspo
Castle of San Giuspo, Trieste

Roman artifacts
Yesterday we went to Barcola, which is where the beaches in Trieste are located. It's interesting because I call it a beach, but it doesn't have the sand that usually comes to mind. It is a paved sidewalk that sits right next to the ocean. There is a staircase that you can walk into the ocean with, or you can traverse the rocks and jump in. First off, the Adriatic Sea is cold! I had completely forgotten that it wasn't the Mediterranean, so when the boys told me it was cold, I was surprised at how cold it was! After a few minutes though, it stopped being so cold. 
Beaches at Barcola
I think that the adjustment process has ended. Walking around Trieste, I feel like I know where I am going (for the most part). Italy just has a way of making you feel right at home. Until next time!


  1. Monica this is sooooo incredible :D I still can't believe you're in Italy right now....

    1. Me either! I actually stop sometimes and think, "wow, I am actually in Italy."

  2. I'm so happy you are in Italy. I can wait to see all your post. ( mamadaisy :)