Monday, 10 August 2015

Last Day in Italy

Hello everyone! So today is my last day in Italy, and I've been filled with so many mixed emotions. Since my last post, we've traveled to Venice, which has ended up being my favorite city so far. It is just so full of history, and is very unique, I love it! Our time in Venice has been really laid back so far; we've mostly just walked around the city. Of course we had to do the cliche gondola ride, which was probably one of the most relaxing and cool things I've done on this trip. Other than that, we've gotten to see St Mark's Basilica, which is stunning from the outside, and we shopped around for Venetian glass. 
St Mark's Basilica (Under Construction)
Gondola Ride
Some of these glass shops are so amazing; it's hard to believe what these artists can do with just glass. One of the most popular things that you will see with Venetian glass are tons of little animal figurines. The sizes vary from smaller than your pinkie fingernail, to large animals that are used as centerpieces. It is also crazy how many different glass shops there are! You can basically find one around every corner. Also, the seafood here in Venice is divine! Every dish that I've gotten here that has calamari, prawns, or mussels has been delicious. If anyone is ever in Venice, I would recommend getting seafood!

I can't believe that my time here in Italy has run out. I have met so many amazing people, and have had the opportunity to get to experience this beautiful culture first hand. I just wanted to take a second to thank all of the Italian students that I have had the pleasure of studying with at the University of Trieste, without whom I would not have had the experience that I've had. So to any of you that are reading this: thank you for your friendship. 

I can't say that I'm not excited to be going home. Two months is definitely a long time to be away from home. The next time you hear from me, I'll be back home in Denver. 

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