Saturday, 25 July 2015

A Visit from Old Friends

Hello friends! So this week has been really interesting, mainly because it is the first week of my Business Law class. It's been an experience learning about American law in a classroom in Italy with Italians, especially since the American Constitution and American law is irrelevant to them. One thing that is really cool about the experience of learning about the Constitution with them in our class is that I have definitely looked at the Constitution from a different perspective, AKA the Italian perspective. The fact that they are so far removed from American law has added many interesting conversation/comparison pieces to the class that we wouldn't get the opportunity to have back in Greeley.

The other part of my week that has been fantastic is that my old friend from high school that was an exchange student in Colorado my senior year came down to visit me! It was really great getting to see Isabella again. She brought her friend, Ines, with her, and it was really great getting to know her. I had so much fun getting to show them around Trieste, and I realized that I've actually acclimated to Italian lifestyle and culture a little more than I thought I did. Being the one who knew what she was doing, and where to go was a liberating feeling that I haven't really experienced since I left the States. Overall, I would say that their visit was a success!

That was really all I did this week! Not really sure how the next week is going to go! I've only got around two weeks left in Italy, so I'll have to be sure to make them count!

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