Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Ciao Accounting, Benvenuto a Florence

So to start off this post, let me just start off by celebrating the end of my accounting class! It's hard to believe that I learned a semesters worth of accounting in three weeks! I am just so glad that we've got a week off in between sessions to relax. Anyone who knows me knows that I can't relax; my solution: travel throughout Italy for a week!

The first stop on our "Inter-Italy Trip" was Florence. It was about a five hour train ride from Trieste to Florence, but that just gave me time to relax. We hit Florence, and automatically the differences between it and Trieste were evident. While Trieste is a smaller city, Florence is much bigger, yet it isn't as big as Rome. I was a bit unsatisfied with the fact that it seemed harder to find gelato in Florence than in Trieste, but, I somehow was able to get past that.

In Florence, we visited a lot of the main tourist points, the Accademia Gallery, Piazzale Michelangelo, and visited the city's fine leather shops (Florence is known for the quality of its leather). The statue David by Michelangelo is housed in the Accademia Gallery, and getting the opportunity to see a piece I have read about for years was amazing.

After we were done in Florence, we headed to Rome, which is way more humid, and way hotter! Since I've still got a little more time in Rome, I'll talk about it in a later post. Until then, ciao!

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